Peggy J. Ricks

During the past 32 years of my career, I have worked in the legal industry as a legal assistant and litigation paralegal. Currently, I provide litigation support to the employment and litigation practice of Bohreer & Zucker LLP. As part of the talented and experienced Bohreer & Zucker team, the support staff are intimately involved in all aspects of preparing a client's case in order to achieve the best possible result for each individual client. As part of the team, I have the pleasure of working closely with each of our clients and facilitating communication and the exchange of information between the clients and attorneys, thereby assisting the firm in one of its overall goals of keeping the clients well advised and informed about their case and any developments.
I have had the privilege of working with Michelle Bohreer and Todd Zucker for almost 20 years. As part of the Bohreer & Zucker Team, I specifically get to assist with the many aspects of all of the various litigation matters the firm handles ranging from assisting in the preparation of documents and materials for all litigation related activities, discovery requests, public document collection, project management for document intensive cases, and preparing for numerous hearings, depositions and trials. Additonally, I use my talents and extensive experience to find the best and most cost effective products available from the best and most appropriate vendors in order to conserve litigation costs on the client's behalf. In addition to my paralegal responsibilities, I also handle the administrative matters of Bohreer & Zucker LLP. As you can see, my professional responsibilites are wide ranging and no two days are exactly the same for me; it is this aspect of my job which I really enjoy and the energy the firm employs in representing its clients is contagious.

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